Need To Know Speaker Series - January 20 $15 (includes hst)

Need To Know Speaker Series - January 20 $15 (includes hst)

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January 20 2019 $15 (hst included)     2:00PM START

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Topics: 1) J.R. Booth - Building on River

            2) The Grand Highway (early history of                      the Ottawa River)

Speakers: Jean Van Loon and Richard Van Loon

Jean will be selecting readings from her poetry book on J.R. Booth titled ‘Building on River’. She will take us into the life of this powerful and eccentric Victorian lumber king through the magic of the spoken word.


Richard will set the stage with a fascinating description of life on the Ottawa River from the 16th to the 19th century. What was a day in the life of a voyageur really like? How did the First Nations and French interact for the first 250 years?


A rousing musical interlude will be provided by James Van Loon (guitar and vocals) and Jerome Marty (accordion and vocals). Book sales and signing on-site. Tickets: $15.00 are available on line or at the door.