Pindles  December 16 $15

Pindles December 16 $15

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December 16 2017      8:00PM START


We have limited dinner reservations 
with staggered ordering times between
5:30 and 6:45.  The two reservation
slots allow us to manage the demand 
on our kitchen
When fully booked the dinner option 
will not be available in the show 
night selection box. Please contact 
us if you have any questions.
Come have fun at neat!



Pindles sound and look reaches back to a time like in the Hollywood blockbuster "Almost Famous". Where bands made their careers town after town, gig after gig, writing songs and living under the lights. It's under those stage lights and in those green rooms that the band has crafted a genuine records worth of rock, psychedelic and beautiful folk songs. When it comes down to's the melody, the harmony and the rhythm that have made these 4 young musicians from Niagara a stand out at every show they've played and first got them noticed on several radio stations "Year in Review". The formula of a 4 piece band isn't new, but Pindles is one of those bands who's sound takes you back to a time in your life when there was something in the air, something special, something real and honest was happening...that's what rock and roll is, and you can't fake it. Don't miss it!!