THEO From GOB July 13 $35 (PSTO)

THEO From GOB July 13 $35 (PSTO)

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July 13 2024 $35    8:00PM START 


There will be very limited seating at this event, only 40 chairs will be set up in the hall and the rest will be standing room, please email us at to secure a seat

Dinner is not included with ticket price.

Unfortunately we cannot refund tickets unless we or the artist cancel the show, but please check in with us as many times we have a waiting list of guests who want to come to the show and could not get tickets.  We can get you in contact with them!!

Show Time is 8pm.

You can select "Ticket Only" which ensures you are on the guest list for the show only, you can arrive anytime after 7pm.  Alternatively you can use the drop down menu to select "Ticket with Dinner Reservation", this option secures a table for dinning that night and also ensures you are on the guest list for the show.  For dinner you are welcome anytime in between 530 and 645, if you are interested in the back end specials it is always wise to show up and 6 or before since they tend to sell out first.

Our seated shows are not assigned seating, the benefit of joining us for dinner allows you to get first dibs on seating!

We have started to present Standing Room Only and Partially Seated shows as well.  Our standing room shows will be identified with "STO" in the event description, our partially seated shows will be identified with "PSTO" in the event description.  Events with no identifier are seated shows.
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Theo Goutzinakis

Join Theo, one of the frontmen of the iconic Canadian punk band Gob, on a soulful acoustic tour across the great expanse of Canada. Stripping down the high-energy punk anthems of Gob to their raw, intimate core, Theo will showcase his musical prowess and emotional depth in a series of captivating performances.

 From the bustling streets of Toronto to the serene landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, Theo will take audiences on a journey through his musical evolution and personal experiences. With his powerful vocals, skillful guitar work, and heartfelt lyrics, Theo will create a unique and unforgettable acoustic experience that resonates with fans old and new.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see Theo up close and personal as he shares his passion for music and connects with audiences in an intimate setting. Join us on this acoustic tour across Canada and let Theo's soul-stirring melodies and authentic storytelling leave a lasting impression on your heart.